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Consider the WANE 3000 System For Urban Trees

The W.A.N.E.3000 Advantage

The W.A.N.E. 3000 System has long been used in green hardscape projects with excellent results. Landscape architects, urban foresters and municipal arborists value its ease of installation, and its cost efficient, durable, and highly adaptable method of preserving of trees in urban landscapes and green hardscape projects. Years of developmental testing and practical use led to the current W.A.N.E. 3000 design that offers numerous advantages for your hardscape project. Used in place of or in conjunction with other methods, the W.A.N.E. 3000 will reduce costs, prevent dangerous uneven hardscape surfaces and protect the natural beauty of trees in the urban landscape.

Advantages of Specifying
the W.A.N.E. 3000

  • Low per-unit cost
  • Tested and proven effective since 1972
  • Easy installation
  • Safe non-trip, non-skid design
  • Theft-proof and non-obstructive design
  • Servicing is quick, easy and simple
  • Maintenance is on an annual basis
  • Discourages root protrusion through paved surfaces
  • Highly adaptable to your hardscape medium
  • Durable design for years of trouble-free operation
  • MADE IN THE USA from recycled plastic
  • Meets ADA requirements


W.A.N.E. unit

Cost Effective: Landscape Architects and other professionals have been specifying the W.A.N.E. 3000 as the most cost effective and efficient means of preserving trees that are surrounded by paving or other hardscape unnatural environments since 1972. Watch our video explaining how the W.A.N.E. 3000 can save as much as 50% of the costs in your hardscape design.

Tested: Because it has been designed for use in all paved or built-up surfaces, the W.A.N.E. 3000 system has been use-tested in hardscapes like parking lots, sidewalks, mall boulevards, patios and various other high-traffic areas. The deep root fertilization provided by the unit discourages root protrusion through paved surfaces.

Easy Installation: The W.A.N.E. 3000 is easy to install. It can be put into operation in minutes with the proper equipment. A 4 inch core drill is the main tool required. Service personnel can easily learn to install the units. See how easy installing the W.A.N.E.3000 is in our video on installation or our installation guide.

Safe and Secure: The design of the W.A.N.E. 3000 unit allows the lid to rest flush with the hardscape paving surface. Thus, all foot and wheeled traffic is unobstructed. The top surface of the lid is ridged to reduce skidding. Watch our video on the W.A.N.E.3000 comparisons to deficiencies of other commonly used methods for tree preservation in hardscape landscaping like turf block, pervious paving and tree grates. The W.A.N.E. 3000 system´┐Żs theft-proof and non-obstructive design are also an advantage. A special tool is required to remove the lid, making the unit virtually vandal-proof.

Quick, Easy Servicing: Servicing is done on an annual basis. It can be accomplished in a matter of minutes using whatever blend of nutrients are necessary for the plant form. We recommend coated slow release nutrients. You can see how fast and easy servicing the W.A.N.E.3000 is in our short video.

Positive Results: Federal, State, City and Local governments along with well known amusement parks, restaurant chains, hospitals, shopping centers, botanical gardens, professional offices and parking lots throughout the U.S. and Canada have been using the W.A.N.E. 3000 as a means of preserving trees in hardscape designs since 1972. With the W.A.N.E. 3000, wheelchair or handicap traffic is unimpeded and trip hazards resulting from root protrusion through paved surfaces are discouraged (common problems associated with turf block and tree grates over time).

Highly Adaptable: The W.A.N.E. 3000 is adaptable in numerous ways. It can be used in hardscape surfaces such as asphalt, cement, bonded aggregate, brick or almost any high-density medium. The W.A.N.E.3000 can be used in conjunction with tree grates to avoid trunk bulge heaving the grates and the sidewalk. The W.A.N.E. 3000 is designed to function in all sorts of weather conditions and climates. Finally, special fertilizing and supplemental programs can be custom-tailored to all types of trees.

Durable: The unit is practically unaffected by temperature change or deterioration by foot or wheeled traffic. The lid is made of ABS shatter-resistant plastic. The system is designed for years of trouble-free operation.

The W.A.N.E. 3000 is the ideal for Landscape Architects and other professionals who are interested in the best that commerce and nature can provide to protect trees in a green hardscape design.

Visit our Installation Guide, Suggested Specifications or Units Placement Guide to specify the W.A.N.E. 3000 for your hardscape design.


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