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Save 50% of Hardscape Paving Materials Costs

The W.A.N.E. Tree System is a simple, effective method of tree preservation in urban hardscape environments. The fact is, urban development kills trees. Hardscape paving materials and trees don't mix well.

This short W.A.N.E. 3000 video explains how you can save as much as 50% of your hardscape material costs and have a safer, more attractive and more functional system to protect valuable trees in your hardscape design. Learn why specifying the W.A.N.E. 3000 unit avoids the hazards and deficiencies associated with commonly used methods like turf block, pervious paving and tree grates. Trees growing with the help of the W.A.N.E. unit can use the soil beneath the pavement as rooting area avoiding root mass near the hardscape area and uneven surfaces. The openings around the trunk in the sidewalk can be smaller limiting trip hazards.

How Many W.A.N.E. 3000 Units Are Needed?

Our Installation Guide video page outlines how the number of W.A.N.E. 3000 units and location can be determined for any site design. Or you can visit our installation Guide

The truth is, trees in an urban environment can only be expected to live half as long as trees living in nature. Specifying the W.A.N.E. 3000 Unit offers you a more cost efficient method for having safer, larger and longer living trees in your sidewalk design.

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