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Installing and Servicing the W.A.N.E. 3000 unit

W.A.N.E 3000 Installation Guide Video
The W.A.N.E. 3000 tree care unit is easily installed, blends in to the surrounding hardscape pavement and provides the necessary Water, Air, Nutrient Exchange at a level 12 inches below the surface. When the water and air enter the perforated lid they react with the timed release compounds to send essential nutrients to the trees root system, completing the Water, Air Nutrition Exchange which is vital to preserving trees.

Installing the W.A.N.E. 3000 Unit

The standard W.A.N.E. 3000 unit is 12 inches long. It will extend through 4 to 6 inches of base and hardscape paving and 6 inches into the top soil. For a 4 inch sidewalk, you can use a 6 inch W.A.N.E. 3000 unit segment and go 2 inches in to the top soil. You can also stack 6 inch W.A.N.E. 3000 unit segments and have a unit that is 18 inches or longer if your hardscape design requires a larger unit. The W.A.N.E. 3000 product is designed with lids that match common usage: Black for asphalt, Grey for concrete and Mauve for brick or colored concrete such as what is used by many Central Florida Theme Parks. The W.A.N.E. 3000 lids are designed with ridges for skid proofing and are perforated to allow water and air intrusion.

Servicing the W.A.N.E. 3000 Unit

The W.A.N.E. 3000 needs servicing only once a year. You can see just how easy it is to service the W.A.N.E. 3000 unit by watching our installation and servicing video on this page. The flush mounted lid is easy to remove. Once a year, you simply pull the filter out, remove the debris, and resupply the fertilizer. Then just put the filter back in the unit and tap lid into the unit. Its as easy as that to service the W.A.N.E. 3000 unit.

To learn more about how the W.A.N.E. 3000 unit compares with other costlier alternatives, watch our video on W.A.N.E. 3000 vs Tree Grates, Pervious paving, and turf block. To see why Wayne Smith invented the W.A.N.E. unit and founded W.A.N.E. Tree Systems, watch Wayne Smith in his own words. An overview video of the W.A.N.E. 3000 Tree Care system is available as well.

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