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The W.A.N.E. 3000 Tree Unit can be installed in six easy steps. Our installation Guide walk through takes you through the steps below. You can also watch our installation video.

Trained personnel using the required 4" drill can install approximately five units per hour per man, depending on the paving medium and using a two or three man crew per core drill.

To determine the number of W.A.N.E. Units you will need for your hardscape design, visit our Units Needed and Placement Guide.

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Position a standard pavement core drill (4" diameter) where unit is to be located, and drill through the hardscape pavement and base (in most cases 6" deep).
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Extend the hole into the subsoil to a depth of 14" from the hardscape pavement surface (the hole can be drilled deeper depending on the amount of backfill desired).
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Install backfill material to bottom of unit (approximately 2"). River gravel or equivalent can be used.
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Slide the W.A.N.E. 3000 unit housing into place, resting on the river gravel. On most paved surfaces, the unit can be secured in place with epoxy or adhesive. In normal use, it is often unnecessary to secure the unit because of the precise fit.
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The W.A.N.E. unit contains a year's supply of slow release nutrients. The lid is designed to prevent clogging; removal of the lid requires a special tool that is supplied with the units.

Broom sweep and remove all excavated materials. CAUTION: Do not use a worn drill bit in concrete. It will cut an undersized hole and the W.A.N.E. unit will not fit properly.

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